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CBD Honey Sticks

CBD Honey Sticks

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Product: CBD Honey Sticks
CBD honey is a delicious and nutritious food all by itself. But mix in a bit of CBD and you’ve got a tasty treat that is also a medicine. And what better way to take your medicine with you than in the form of easy-to-use CBD honey sticks.


Product: CBD Honey Sticks
Brand: Good CBD
  • 20mg CBD per Honey Stick
  • Made with Clover Honey
  • Works great as a sugar substitute
  • No THC
  • Made from U.S. Grown Hemp
  • Made with Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Extract
  • Third Party Lab Tested



Lab Test
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CBD Honey Sticks 

Good CBD honey sticks are delicious way to get your CBD. Honey has been known for centuries as a superfood. It contains powerful antioxidants, helps pollen allergies, is packed with quickly available energy, is a great antibiotic, a natural cough syrup, and much more. By mixing honey and CBD together, you’ve have a very healthy snack.

Honey sticks are small tubes of honey that you can tote around for snacking throughout the day.  They are great for adding sweetener to your coffee, yogurt, tea, cereal, marinades, salad dressings, the list goes on forever. They are also great on their own. Just cut (or bite) open one end of the honey stick and suck on it like a straw.

Serving Size: 1 honey stick
Serving Size Per Container: 2000mg (10 sticks), 1000mg (5 sticks)
CBD Per Serving: 20mg 
Suggested Use: Consume no more than 2 sticks every 6 hours. Must be 18 years and over to purchase this product.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity in order to preserve quality.
Warning: May induce drowsiness this product and statement has not been evaluated by the food & drug administration

Additional information

Weight.002 lbs
Dimensions.002 × .002 × 4 in

Quantity (sticks)

1 stick, 50 sticks, 100 sticks

1 review for CBD Honey Sticks

  1. Kara

    I use these to add CBD to my yogurt during lunch. It helps relieve the pain in my legs due to sitting at a computer all day at work.

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